Recovering systems

System recovery is a process of recovering a user's system from system crashes, system malfunctions, accessibility issues, and more. If a user reports any such problems, you must provide the recovery key of the system to the user for the user to recover the system using FileVault recovery tools provided by Apple or BitLocker recovery tools provided by Microsoft.

Note: We don't provide support for FileVault or BitLocker recovery tools. If you encounter any problems with this recovery process, we recommend that you contact Apple or Microsoft Support as appropriate.

How is the key escrowed in the McAfee ePO database?

The recovery key can be escrowed in two ways:

  • When enabling FileVault or BitLocker on a client system using MNE, MNE obtains the recovery key of the system automatically and sends it to the McAfee ePO database.
  • If FileVault has been previously enabled by the user at the point when MNE is installed on the client system, then either:
    • the system user must enter their FileVault password when prompted in order to grant MNE the right to the recovery key, or
    • the system user must import their FileVault recovery key on the system, or
    • the administrator must import the recovery key of the system manually into the McAfee ePO database in order for the recovery feature to be available for that system.

    If none of these actions are taken, recovery will not be possible.

Note: You can obtain the recovery key of a client system only if FileVault or BitLocker is managed by MNE.

How to obtain the serial number of a Mac system?

The serial number of the Mac system can be obtained in two ways:

  • At the back/side/bottom of your Mac hardware, the serial number of the system is displayed.
  • When you click the About this Mac option, the serial number of the system is displayed.