Product overview

McAfee® Management of Native Encryption (MNE) is a management product that allows McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) administrators to manage Apple® FileVault and Microsoft® BitLocker. These are products that provide full-disk encryption on Macintosh (Mac) and Windows systems.

About McAfee Management of Native Encryption

McAfee Management of Native Encryption provides an easy-to-use administrative interface to perform these core functions:

  • Manage Apple® FileVault and Microsoft® BitLocker
  • Report encryption status
  • Escrow, import, storage, and retrieval of recovery keys

You can also use the report only feature of MNE without having to actively manage FileVault or BitLocker.

Note: We provide support only for MNE (the management solution) and not the underlying FileVault or BitLocker encryption technology. If you encounter any issues with FileVault or BitLocker technology (especially issues related to recovering systems), we recommend that you contact Apple or Microsoft Support respectively.