Migrating from EEMac to MNE

You can migrate from EEMac to MNE on Mac client systems by following these steps.

  1. Check that the minimum version of McAfee Agent for Mac is 4.8 or above on the client system. If not, deploy McAfee Agent for Mac 4.8 or above. For more information, see the Deploy McAfee Agent for Mac through SSH topic.
  2. Deploy MNE to the client system with the appropriate policy setting. For more information, see the Deploy MNE to client systems topic.
  3. Deactivate and uninstall EEMac. For more information, see McAfee Endpoint Encryption 7.0 Product Guide.
  4. Monitor the progress of EEMac in the dashboard to confirm that it is uninstalled. After EEMac is uninstalled, MNE will automatically enable FileVault at the next policy enforcement. For more information, see the Enable FileVault on the client system topic.
    Note: MNE will not enable FileVault on the Mac client system if EEMac is installed and active.