Overview of the installation process

The installation and deployment of MNE to the required client systems consist of the following tasks. Complete details are given in subsequent sections.

Note: This assumes that the user has already installed McAfee ePO on the server system. For more information about installing McAfee ePO, see the product documentation for your version of McAfee ePO.
  1. Deploy McAfee® Agent to the client system from McAfee ePO.
    Note: A successful communication is required between the McAfee ePO server and McAfee Agent on the client system.
  2. Install the MNEADMIN_4.1.0.x.zip, help_MNE_410.zip, and dpssp.zip extensions to the McAfee ePO server. If you wish to use the network unlock feature with Windows servers, also install the mneadvancedfeatures-1.0.0.x.zip.
  3. If installing client software through McAfee ePO, check in the MNE-OSX-4.0.0.x.zip software package for Mac systems or MNE-WIN-4.1.0.x.zip software package for Windows systems to the McAfee ePO server.
    Note: The Mac client has not been updated in this release and consequently the MNE 4.1.0 package includes the Mac OS X 4.0.0 software package.
  4. Deploy the software package to the required client system.
  5. Send an agent wake-up call.
  6. Enable the Turn On (Enable) FileVault or Turn On (Enable) BitLocker policy in McAfee ePO and enforce on the Mac or Windows client systems respectively. You can also enable other policy options, as required. For more information, see the Product policies section.
    Note: The client system might prompt for a restart.

    The exact behavior of the client system will depend on the underlying encryption product (FileVault or BitLocker), and policy settings defined.