Assign a policy to a managed system

You can assign a policy to a specific managed system before or after deploying the FRP software.


  1. Click MenuSystemsSystem TreeSystems, then select the group under the System Tree. All the systems within this group (but not its subgroups) appear in the details pane.
  2. Select the system, then click Actions | Agent | Modify Policies on a Single System to open the Policy Assignment page for that system.
  3. Select File and Removable Media Protection from the drop-down list. The policy categories under File and Removable Media Protection are listed with the system’s assigned policy.
  4. Locate the required policy category, then click Edit Assignment.
  5. If the policy is inherited, select Break inheritance and assign the policy and settings below next to Inherit from.
  6. Select the policy from the drop-down list.
    The available policies depend on your role and permissions.
    From this location, you can edit the selected policy or create a new policy.
  7. Select whether to lock policy inheritance.
    Locking policy inheritance prevents any systems that inherit this policy from having another one assigned in its place.


The policy is assigned to the selected managed system.