Persistent queries

A persistent query is accessible using the Queries and Reports page in the ePolicy Orchestrator user interface.

Persistent queries include both pre-installed queries and queries you create. You must know the query ID to remotely execute a persistent query.

Query examples

In all of these query examples, the first two lines of the example contain the URL and Python forms of the command. For example, the examples of the core.listQueries command appear as:

URL: https://servername:port/remote/core.listQueries
Python: mc.core.listQueries();
The URL example could be typed directly into your browser address bar as:

Or, the URL example could be used with a cURL command as:

> curl -k -u ga:ga https://localhost:8443/remote/core.listQueries

The Python example could be used as:

import mcafee
mc = mcafee.client('localhost','8443','ga','ga')

Find available queries

You must find the queries available and the query IDs before you can run any remote queries.

Use the core.listQueries command to find the ID of any persistent query that you can access.

URL: https://servername:port/remote/core.listQueries
Python: mc.core.listQueries();

Id: 1
Name: Effective permissions for users
Description: Shows all the permissions for each user
Criteria: ( where ( ne EntitlementView.RoleUri "%%NOEPOROLES%%" ) )
Group Name: Permission Queries
Owner: ga
Database Type: 
Target: EntitlementView
Created by: ga
Created on: 10/25/10 8:40:33 AM PDT
Modified by: ga
Modified on: 10/25/10 8:40:33 AM PDT

Id: 2
Name: Permission set details
Description: Shows the permissions associated with each permission set

Remotely execute the query

Run the query using the core.executeQuery command with the queryId parameter once you know the query ID. This example uses "5" as the query ID

URL: https://servername:port/remote/core.executeQuery?queryId=5
Python: mc.core.executeQuery('5');

User Name: ga
Action: Create Response
Success: true
Start Time: 10/26/10 9:00:24 AM PDT

User Name: ga
Action: Create Response
Success: true
Start Time: 10/26/10 9:00:24 AM PDT