Active Directory synchronization

Active Directory for McAfee ePO Cloud lets you synchronize your systems and organizational units from your Active Directory structure and mirror them in McAfee ePO Cloud.

With the Active Directory integration to your McAfee ePO Cloud, you can perform these system management tasks:

  • Synchronize with your Active Directory structure, by importing systems, and the Active Directory subcontainers (as System Tree groups), and keeping them up-to-date with Active Directory. At each synchronization, both systems and the structure are updated in the System Tree to reflect the systems and structure of Active Directory.
  • Control what to do with potential duplicate systems.
  • Use the system description, which is imported from Active Directory with the systems.
  • Apply policies to Active Directory users or user groups.

Integrating the System Tree with your Active Directory

While you integrate the System Tree with your Active Directory, you can configure the following:

  • Delete systems from the System Tree when they are deleted from Active Directory.
  • Allow or disallow duplicate entries of systems that exist elsewhere in the System Tree.
  • Tag the newly imported or updated systems.
Tip: Use an Active Directory synchronization server task to regularly synchronize the systems (and possibly the Active Directory structure) with the System Tree according to the synchronization settings.