Managing user accounts

User accounts allow you to control how users access and use the software.

Owner users (or owners) can create and add users. Standard users (or users) do not.

Consider the following when setting up accounts and users:

  • Although there is only one owner for each account, an organization can have many accounts. For example, an organization might have separate accounts for different locations (Tokyo, Madrid), or for different groups in the organization (Accounting, Customer Service). Each account can have multiple standard users and users can be in multiple accounts.
  • Owners can view their account and each user's account. Users can only view their account and cannot add or delete users.
  • The Delete and New User buttons are available only to the owner. Owners can add or delete users, but cannot delete themselves as a user.
  • When you delete a standard user, you remove only the link to the account for that user. The software maintains the user's roles and relations to other accounts they might be a part of.