Client tasks

Create and schedule client tasks to automate endpoint tasks in your network.

Tip: For information about which client tasks are available and what they can do to help you, see the documentation for your managed products.

Client task example

When you initially start McAfee ePO Cloud, some preconfigured client tasks are automatically installed to help manage your McAfee products. These client tasks provide basic security for most users, and run by default.

Client tasks are configured to run using different criteria. For example, some client tasks run:

  • Continuously — These client tasks automatically scan programs and files for threats as they occur.
  • At configured events — These client tasks run at agent-server communication interval (ASCI) or policy enforcement interval.
  • On schedule — These client tasks run at a time configured in the product deployment or policy.

This preconfigured client task, named Initial Deployment Update My Group, deploys the McAfee software on your managed systems.

Note: This client task runs continuously to keep the McAfee software on all your systems up to date.

This graphic describes how the "Initial Deployment Update My Group" client task works.

  1. The client task starts when you run the Smart Installer URL on a system.
  2. The client task looks at the list of software saved in the Master Repository and, using a Product Deployment named "Initial Deployment My Group," automatically starts downloading the software to all your managed systems.
  3. Once the software is installed, it is run periodically using other client task requests sent from McAfee ePO Cloud to protect your systems.
  4. By default, every 60 minutes at the agent-server communication interval (ASCI), the latest versions of all software installed on your managed systems are sent to the McAfee ePO Cloud.
  5. The client task continuously compares the software versions installed in the Master Repository to the list of software versions installed on your managed systems. If a more recent version of software exists in the Master Repository, that software is automatically downloaded using Product Deployment to your managed systems.