Getting started with McAfee ePO Cloud

McAfee ePO Cloud provides a centralized, cloud-based platform for remotely managing the security of your endpoints. You can use McAfee ePO Cloud to ensure that the software on your network is always up to date and your systems are protected. The tools you need to manage security for your network can be found by accessing the McAfee ePO Cloud web interface. This guide introduces you to McAfee ePO Cloud and describes how to use the web interface to complete the required setup tasks.

The setup process follows this basic outline:

  1. As an administrator, you begin by requesting access to McAfee ePO Cloud. After you receive your welcome email, you can activate your account.
  2. Next, log on to McAfee ePO Cloud. You are now ready to install software on the systems in your network.
  3. As an administrator, you select the installation option and distribute an installation URL to each of the endpoints in your network.
  4. Finally, each of the endpoints receives the installation URL, installs the product software, and communicates back to the McAfee ePO Cloud server. As an administrator, you can verify that each of these endpoints is now managed in the System Tree.