Activate your account

To use McAfee ePO Cloud, you need to activate your account. The activation link and activation code are included in your welcome letter. Remember that the link expires a week after you receive it.


  1. Open your welcome email and click the link:
    • Click Here to Begin
    • Accept Invitation
    • Activate Now
  2. If prompted, click Use McAfee ePO Cloud to manage your network in the cloud.
  3. Enter your email address.
    Your email address is also your user name in McAfee ePO Cloud
  4. Enter your activation code.
    The code is included in your welcome email.
  5. Enter a secure password and type it again as verification.
  6. Click Activate or Accept.


Your user account is successfully activated and the McAfee ePO Cloud console opens to the Getting Started page. You are ready to begin managing your endpoints.


If you have already activated your account, you cannot activate it again. But, if you need a new welcome email or activation code:

Go to Click Activate New User. Click Click Here.

Check your inbox for the new welcome email and activation code.