Troubleshooting logon errors

During initial and subsequent logon of the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge, you might see error messages. These error messages can help you troubleshoot what went wrong during your logon to the cloud bridge.

There are basically two types of errors you might see during your cloud bridge logon attempt.

  • Client-side errors — Most of these are result of invalid user names or passwords or your account might be locked because of too many failed logon attempts.
  • Server-side errors — These errors are the result of provisioning failures between you and the McAfee account that was created to allow you to connect to the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge. You must contact McAfee Support directly to fix these server-side errors at
    Note: Before contacting McAfee Support, copy the error message and include it in any correspondence.

Each of these errors is described in detail in the following section.

McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge errors

This is an example of a typical McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge logon error.

A problem occurred during linking. See 'orion.log' for details. (Http error: 401, 
Error code:  BPSInvalidCredentials {Invalid email address or password}, Incident Id: E-158b220785d returned when
attempting to get CSR)

The error has these components:

  • HTTP error number — A number corresponding to the type of error. In this example, the HTTP error is: 401
  • Error code — A short string that describes the type of error. In this example, the error code is: BPSInvalidCredentials
  • Error message — A short string that describes the error. In this example, the error message is: {Invalid email address or password}

This table lists the error message components, by HTTP error number, type, error code, plus a suggested resolution.

HTTP Error Number Error Type Error Code Message Suggested Solution
400 Client-side R1NotSupported Registration using license key is not supported Confirm your email address and password then try again.
400 Client-side MissingParameters Missing one or more parameters
400 Client-side MissingCredentials Email address or password missing
400 Client-side InvalidLicense Invalid license format
401 Client-side BPSInvalidCredentials Invalid email address or password
401 Client-side BPSAccountLocked BPS account is locked To unlock your account, contact McAfee Support at
500 Server-side All HTTP 500 error numbers indicate this is a server-side error. You must contact McAfee Support at