Cloud bridge server settings

When you configure the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Server Setting, you can manage your local McAfee ePO server from the McAfee ePO Cloud.

Before you begin

You must have administrator rights to complete this task.

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  1. Select MenuConfigurationServer Settings, select McAfee® ePO™ Cloud account from the Setting Categories, then click Edit.
  2. From the McAfee® ePO™ Cloud Bridge page, click Edit.
  3. From the Edit McAfee® ePO™ Cloud page:
    • If you don't have a McAfee ePO Cloud account, click the link to open the McAfee ePO Cloud log on page.
      • Click Sign up Now to compete the McAfee ePO Cloud sign-up process.
      • After your McAfee ePO Cloud account is configured, return to this step to complete the Cloud Bridge Server Settings.
    • If you do have a McAfee ePO Cloud account:
      • Type your McAfee ePO Cloud connection credentials.
      • Read and click I accept the License Agreement.
      • Click Save.
  4. The McAfee® ePO™ Cloud Bridge page displays:
    • Status — Linked
    • Email — The email address configured for the McAfee ePO Cloud account.


Now you can use the McAfee ePO Cloud connection to manage your local McAfee ePO server.