Pull and copy DAT updates from McAfee

To create an automated DAT file testing process requires configuring tasks to pull the DATs from McAfee and copy them to the Current branch of the repository.

The McAfee ePO platform provides three repository branches in your Master and Distributed Repositories:

  • Current branch — By default, the main repository branch for the latest packages and updates.
  • Evaluation branch — Used to test new DAT and engine updates before deploying to your whole organization.
  • Previous branch — Used to save and store prior DAT and engine files before adding the new ones to the Current branch.

You must create two server tasks to automate the DAT file testing.

  • One task pulls the DAT files hourly to the Evaluation branch to ensure that the latest DAT is in the Evaluation branch shortly after McAfee releases it to the public.
    Tip: Best practice: Run the task hourly to get an extra DAT file in case the initial file, released at 11:00 a.m., was replaced later in the day.
  • One server task waits until a few hours after the test group of systems is scanned. Then, unless the administrator stops the server task, it automatically copies the DAT files from the Evaluation branch to the Current branch.