What's in the Software Catalog

The Software Catalog removes the need to access the McAfee Product Download website to retrieve new McAfee software and software updates.

You can use the Software Catalog to download:

  • Licensed software — Software your organization has purchased from McAfee. The Status column provides a list of licensed software that is not currently installed on your server. The number displayed next to each category in the Status list indicates where updates are available. Select the number to view specific details about the updates. For example, the available version, checked in version, or component type.
  • Evaluation software — Software for which your organization does not currently possess a license. You can install evaluation software on your server, but functionality might be restricted until you acquire a product license.
  • Software updates — Released software that has new updates. You can use the Software Catalog to check in new packages and extensions. Available software updates are listed in the Updates Available category.
  • Product documentation — New and updated product documentation you can retrieve from the Software Catalog. Product Guides and Release Notes can also be downloaded from the Software Catalog.

Note: DATs and Engines are not available from the Software Catalog.

About software component dependencies

Many of the software products you can install for use with your McAfee ePO server have predefined dependencies on other components. Dependencies for product extensions are installed automatically. For all other product components, you must review the dependencies list in the component details page, and install them first.

Software Catalog interface

Use the Software Catalog to view and manipulate your new and existing software.
Option Definition
Category Search for or select products to view or manipulate in the selected product tables.
Software Catalog List of products and their status Select a product in this list and details appear in the component rows.
Status column Displays if a product is up to date or has an update available.
Actions column Check In All Checks in all new versions and components of the selected product that are not already checked in.
Note: Check In All doesn't update components that have updates available. If one fails, the remaining fail to download and check in to McAfee ePO.
Update All Updates all existing versions and components of the selected product to the latest version.
Note: Update All doesn't download and check in components that have never been checked in. If one fails, the remaining fail to download and check in to McAfee ePO.
Remove All Removes all versions and components of the selected product.
Component rows Displays all components of the selected product and, depending on the component, allows you to check in, update, remove, or download the individual component.