Export systems from the System Tree

Export a list of systems from the System Tree to a .txt file for later use. Export at the group or subgroup level while retaining the System Tree organization.

It can be useful to have a list of the systems in your System Tree. You can import this list into your McAfee ePO server to quickly restore your previous structure and organization.

Note: This task does not remove systems from your System Tree. It creates a .txt file that contains the names and structure of systems.


  1. Select MenuSystemsSystem Tree.
  2. Select the group or subgroup containing the systems you want to export, then from the Actions menu, select Export Systems.
  3. Select whether to export:
    • All systems in this group — Exports the systems in the specified Source group, but does not export systems listed in nested subgroups under this level.
    • All systems in this group and subgroups — Exports all systems at and below this level.
  4. Click OK.
    The Export page opens. You can click the systems link to view the system list, or right-click the link to save a copy of the ExportSystems.txt file.