Best practices: Purging events automatically

Periodically purge the events that are sent daily to your McAfee ePO server. These events can eventually reduce performance of the McAfee ePO server and SQL Servers.

Events can be anything from a threat being detected, to an update completing successfully. In environments with a few hundred nodes, you can purge these events on a nightly basis. But in environments with thousands of nodes reporting to your McAfee ePO server, it is critical to delete these events as they become old. In these large environments, your database size directly impacts the performance of your McAfee ePO server, and you must have a clean database.

You must determine your event data retention rate. The retention rate can be from one month to an entire year. The retention rate for most organizations is about six months. For example, six months after your events occur, on schedule, they are deleted from your database.

Important: McAfee ePO does not come with a preconfigured server task to purge task events. This means that many users never create a task to purge these events and, over time, the McAfee ePO server SQL database starts growing exponentially and is never cleaned.