Benefits of product deployment projects

Product deployment projects simplify the process of deploying security products to your managed system by reducing the time and overhead to schedule and maintain deployments throughout your network.

Product deployment projects streamline the deployment process by consolidating many of the steps to create and manage product deployment tasks individually. They also add the ability to:

  • Run a deployment continuously — You can configure your deployment project so that when new systems matching your criteria are added, products are deployed automatically.
  • Stop a running deployment — If you must stop a deployment once it's started, you can. Then you can resume that deployment when you're ready.
  • Uninstall a previously deployed product — If a deployment project has been completed, and you want to uninstall the associated product from the systems assigned to your project, select Uninstall from the Action list.

The following table compares the two processes for deploying products — individual client task objects and product deployment projects.

Product deployment methods compared
Client task objects Function comparison Product deployment project
Name and description Same Name and description
Collection of product software to deploy Same Collection of product software to deploy
Use tags to select target systems Enhanced in Product Deployment project Select when the deployment occurs:
  • Continuous — Continuous deployments use System Tree groups or tags which allow you to move systems to those groups or assign systems tags and cause the deployment to apply to those systems.
  • Fixed — Fixed deployments use a fixed, or defined, set of systems. System selection is done using your System Tree or Managed Systems Query output tables.
Deployment schedule Similar Simplified deployment schedule allows you to either run the deployment immediately or run it once at a scheduled time.
Not specified New in Product Deployment project Monitor the current deployment status, for example deployments scheduled but not started, in progress, stopped, paused, or completed.
Not specified New in Product Deployment project (Fixed deployments only) View a historical snapshot of data about the number of systems receiving the deployment.
Not specified New in Product Deployment project View the status of individual system deployments, for example systems installed, pending, and failed.
Not specified New in Product Deployment project Modify an existing deployment assignment using:
  • Create New for modifying an existing deployment
  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Stop and Pause Deployment
  • Continue and Resume Deployment
  • Uninstall