Registered servers

Access additional servers by registering them with your McAfee ePO server. Registered servers allow you to integrate your software with other, external servers. For example, register an LDAP server to connect with your Active Directory server.

McAfee ePO can communicate with:

  • Other McAfee ePO servers
  • Additional, remote, database servers
  • LDAP servers
  • SNMP servers
  • Syslog servers

Each type of registered server supports or supplements the functionality of McAfee ePO and other McAfee and third-party extensions and products.

We recommend that you use certificates with RSA public key lengths of 2048 bits or greater for the registered servers that connect to McAfee ePO. For more information, including additional supported public key algorithms and key lengths, see KB87731.

Note: TLS 1.0 is disabled by default for communication to external servers, such as SQL Server. For more information about TLS support, see KB90222.