Deployment tasks

Deployment tasks are client tasks that are used to deploy managed security products to your managed systems from the Master Repository.

You can create and manage individual deployment task objects using the Client Task Catalog, then assign them to run on groups or individual system. Alternatively, you can create Product Deployment projects to deploy products to your systems. Product Deployment projects automate the process of creating and scheduling client task objects individually. They also provide additional automated management functionality.

Important considerations

When deciding how to stage your Product Deployment, consider:

  • Package size and available bandwidth between the Master Repository and managed systems. In addition to potentially overwhelming the McAfee ePO server or your network, deploying products to many systems can make troubleshooting problems more complicated.
  • A phased rollout to install products to groups of systems at a time. If your network links are fast, try deploying to several hundred clients at a time. If you have slower or less reliable network connections, try smaller groups. As you deploy to each group, monitor the deployment, run reports to confirm successful installations, and troubleshoot any problems with individual systems.

Deploying products on selected systems

If you are deploying McAfee products or components that are installed on a subset of your managed systems:

  1. Use a tag to identify these systems.

  2. Move the tagged systems to a group.

  3. Configure a Product Deployment client task for the group.