Update managed systems regularly with a scheduled update task

Create and configure update tasks. If you use global updating, we recommend using a daily update client task to ensure systems are current with the latest DAT and engine files.


  1. Open the New Task dialog box.
    1. Select MenuPolicyClient Task Catalog.
    2. Under Client Task Types, select a product, then click New Task.
  2. Verify that Product Update is selected, then click OK.
  3. Type a name for the task you are creating and add any notes.
  4. Next to the Update in Progress dialog box, select if you want the users to be aware an update is in process, and if you want to allow them to postpone the process.
  5. Select a package type, then click Save.
    Note: When configuring individual signatures and engines, if you select Engine and deselect DAT, when the new engine is updated a new DAT is automatically updated to ensure complete protection.
  6. Select MenuSystemsSystem Tree, click the Systems tab, then select the system where you want to deploy the product update, then click ActionsAgentModify Tasks on a single system.
  7. Click ActionsNew Client Task Assignment.
  8. On the Select Task page, make the following selections:
    • Product — Select McAfee Agent.
    • Task Type — Select Product Update.

    Then select the task you created to deploy the product update.

  9. Next to Tags, select the platforms where you are deploying the packages, then click Next:
    • Send this task to all computers.
    • Send this task to only computers that have the following criteria — Click edit next to the criteria to configure, select the tag group, select the tags to use in the criteria, then click OK.
      Tip: To limit the list to specific tags, type the tag name in the text box under Tags.
    Once you select the criteria, the number of systems that fall into that criteria is displayed on top of the page. For example, if you create a tag for a domain group and apply this tag to 5 systems in a group, the page displays "5 systems are affected" in red colored font.
  10. On the Schedule page, select whether the schedule is enabled, and specify the schedule details, then click Next.
  11. Review the summary, then click Save.


The task is added to the list of client tasks for the groups and systems where it is applied. Agents receive the new update task information the next time they communicate with the server. If the task is enabled, the update task runs at the next occurrence of the scheduled day and time.

Each system updates from the appropriate repository, depending on how the policies for that client's agent are configured.