Register the new server to the old server

Register the new server. For example, register a McAfee ePO 5.x server to a McAfee ePO 4.x server.


  1. From the old server, log on to the console.
  2. Click MenuConfigurationRegistered Servers.
  3. Click New Server.
  4. Select McAfee ePO from the Server type drop-down list, type a name for this server in the Name section, and click Next.
  5. Type the credentials to the new server and click Test Connection.
  6. If the test is successful, select Enable for the Transfer systems entry.
  7. Make sure that Automatic sitelist import is selected, and click Save.


  • The Manual sitelist import option is also available and can be used if you want to do a manual import by selecting an existing SiteList.xml file.
  • You can obtain the SiteList.xml file to use for this process in the following folder on the server where the agents are being transferred to: <ePO_Installation_Directory>\DB\SiteList.xml
  • On a McAfee ePO 4.6 server, you can select only version 4.6 or previous versions as the McAfee ePO version. When you test the connection to the database of the registered server, you see the following warning:

    Database connection successful! Warning Versions mismatch!

    You can safely ignore the warning. TheMcAfee ePO version selected (4.6) does not match the database (5.x) you have tested.