Using the System Tree and Tags

You can organize, group, and tag your managed systems using the System Tree and Tags features. The System Tree is a hierarchical structure that organizes the systems in your network into groups and subgroups.

Adding systems

You can add systems to your System Tree using these methods:

  • Manually add systems to an existing group
  • Import systems from a text file
  • Active Directory synchronization

Organizing systems

You can organize your System Tree using these methods:

  • Manual organization from the console (drag and drop)
  • Automatic synchronization with your Active Directory or NT domain server
  • Criteria-based sorting, using criteria applied to systems manually or automatically

What the System Tree controls

Your System Tree dictates these items:

  • How your policies for different products are inherited
  • How your client tasks are inherited
  • Which groups your systems go into

If you are creating your System Tree for the first time, these are the primary options available for organizing your systems dynamically:

  • Using Active Directory (AD) synchronization
  • Dynamically sorting your systems

Note: Although you can use AD synchronization with dynamic System Tree sorting, use only one method to avoid confusion and conflicts.