Edit System Details Settings page

The System Details page can be customized to display specific information useful in your environment.

Settings for this page are unique for each user. The page displays three monitors, each of which can be configured to display specific information. You can also create different displays for each Permission Set group in your environment.

Option definitions
Option Definition
Chart monitor By default, the query monitor displays the system-specific results for the Threat Events in the Last 2 Weeks query. You can customize this chart monitor to display any query that reports on Managed Systems as a graphic or chart, but not a table, and has one or more Computer Properties selected.

For example, a valid query has these settings:

  • Feature Group set as System Management
  • Result Type set as Managed Systems
  • Chart set as Bar Chart
  • Columns set as any property under Computer Properties

Note: Managed Systems queries configured without Computer Properties configured are not valid.
Permission Set Displays the assigned permission set of the different groups in your environment.
Properties monitor This monitor displays eight properties you can configure. The top four are system-based properties and the bottom four are product-based properties.
Summary monitor Displays system summary information in 2 areas:
  • System compliance status shown as a color background where green is compliant and red is not compliant. The system name and the selected Managed Systems Boolean Pie Chart query name appear in the foreground.
  • You can select any Managed Systems Boolean Pie Chart query to display.
+ / - Add or remove additional, Permission Set specific review panels.