Add systems to the System Tree manually

Adding systems manually to the System Tree and then deploying the McAfee Agent works well for smaller organized networks.

Before you begin

  • The McAfee ePO server must be able to communicate with the target systems.
  • Make sure that the client systems are reachable from the McAfee ePO server.
  • The McAfee ePO server must use local administrator rights on all target systems.


  1. Use ping commands to test the ability to successfully resolve and connect from the McAfee ePO server to managed systems.
  2. To confirm the Admin$ share folder on Windows target systems is accessible from the McAfee ePO server, click Windows StartRun, then type the path to the target system's Admin$ share, specifying system name or IP address. For example, type \\<System Name>\Admin$.
    If the systems are properly connected over the network, if your credentials have sufficient rights, and if the Admin$ share folder is present, a Windows Explorer dialog box appears.
  3. Select MenuSystemsSystem Tree, then click New Systems on the System Tree page.
  4. From the New Systems page, click Push agents and add systems to the current group and Browse.
  5. From the NT Domain Credentials dialog box, type this information and click OK.
    • Domain — Type the domain name with your target systems. Use a period (".") to represent a local (non-domain) account.
    • User Name — Type your user name.
    • Password — Type your password.
  6. On the Browse for Systems page, select the domain server from the Domain list.
  7. Select the systems or groups of systems to add to the System Tree, then click OK.
    The systems you selected appear in the Target Systems field, separated by commas.
  8. In Agent Version, select Windows or Non-Windows and the version from the list.
  9. In Credentials for agent installation:
    • Type the domain name.
    • Type your domain user name.
    • Type and confirm the domain password.
    • Click Remember my credentials for future deployments.
  10. Use the defaults for the final settings and click OK.


The systems you selected are added to the System Tree and appear as Unmanaged in the Managed State column. After communicating with the McAfee ePO servers to install the product software and update tasks and policies, the Managed State changes to Managed. This process can take several hours to complete.