Manual methods for adding systems to be managed

You can manually add systems to McAfee ePO using multiple methods. The size and complexity of your network determines which method you choose. You might choose one method or a combination of methods.

Method Description
Smart Installer URL
  • Created by default.
  • System users must have local administrator rights to install software.
  • Until users run the Smart Installer, the system is unmanaged and unprotected.
Logon scripts
  • Deploy FramePkg.exe (McAfee Agent installation package) to individual systems.
  • Can be integrated using existing logon scripts.
  • You must know how to create the script and make it run when the user logs on.
  • Until the user logs on, the system is unmanaged and unprotected.
Adding systems manually from the domain
  • Requires organized networks and domains.
Adding systems using Active Directory
  • Requires a well-organized Active Directory configuration.
Using third-party deployment tools
  • Most common method for enterprises.
  • Can deploy McAfee Agent to Windows, macOS, and Linux, depending which deployment solution is used.
  • Until the McAfee Agent is deployed, the system is unmanaged and unprotected.
  • All McAfee packages can be deployed using third-party deployment tools. It's not a requirement to deploy the software from McAfee ePO.
Adding it to a workstation or server image The McAfee Agent is part of the image when a new workstation or server is created.