System requirements and recommendations

Make sure that your environment conforms to all requirements and recommendations before installing McAfee ePO software.

Run the Pre-Installation Auditor to make sure that your environment meets the minimum requirements for a successful installation. For information about downloading and using the Pre-Installation Auditor, see the tool's release notes.

Component Requirements and recommendations
Dedicated server If managing fewer than 250 systems, McAfee ePO can be installed on a pre-existing server, such as a file server. If managing more than 250 systems, use a dedicated server for McAfee ePO.
Domain controllers (Recommended) The server must have a trust relationship with the Domain Controller on the network. For instructions, see the Microsoft product documentation.
Note: Installing the software on a Domain Controller is supported, but not recommended.
File system NT file system (NTFS) partition.
Free disk space 20 GB — Minimum.
IP address Use static IP addresses for McAfee ePO.

Static IP addresses are recommended for McAfee ePO and Agent Handlers.

McAfee ePO supports IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Memory 8-GB available RAM minimum.
Network Interface Card (NIC) 100 megabit minimum.

Tip: If using a server with more than one IP address, McAfee ePO uses the first identified IP address. To use more IP addresses for agent-server communication, create Agent Handler groups for each IP address. For more information, see KB56281.

  • Make sure that the ports you choose are not already in use on the server system.
  • Notify network staff of the ports you intend to use for McAfee ePO and McAfee Agent communication.
  • 64-bit Intel compatible
  • (Recommended) 4 cores minimum