Upgrade your McAfee ePO cluster server

Upgrading your McAfee ePO software in a cluster environment requires special consideration.

Before you begin

Make sure your current environment is supported for the upgrade to McAfee ePO 5.10.x.


  1. In Failover Cluster Manger on the active node, open the ePO group.
  2. Make sure that the primary node is the active server.
  3. Take this Generic Service resource offline, then delete it:
    • ePolicy Orchestrator Application Server
  4. Do not change these resources, which are required for a successful upgrade:
    • Data drive
    • McAfee ePO virtual IP address
    • McAfee ePO virtual Network Name
  5. Open the Services Control Manager and start each of these services on the primary node:
    • ePolicy Orchestrator Application Server
    • ePolicy Orchestrator Event Parser service
    • ePolicy Orchestrator Server service
  6. Install the new McAfee ePO software on the primary node.
  7. In Failover Cluster Manager, move the ePO application role to the second node of the cluster: right-click the role, select MoveSelect Node. Select the second node of the cluster and click OK.
    The role moves to the second node of the cluster.
    (Optional) Shut down the first cluster node server, which automatically moves the role to the second node.
  8. Install your new McAfee ePO software on the second node.
  9. Create the new Generic Service resources.
    For information about how to create the Generic Service resources, see Create the Generic Service resources.