What to do next

After you have performed all initial configuration and made sure that your managed systems are protected, you might want to consider other configuration steps, depending on your network security needs.

Simple additional steps to help manage McAfee ePO

Best practice: Make sure that you have at least one additional McAfee ePO global administrator account with the password stored securely, to prevent lock out of McAfee ePO in the event that the administrator password is lost.
  • Add other McAfee ePO users and permissions.
  • Organize your System Tree logically to reflect the geographic, political, or functional borders.
  • Add Tags to identify and sort systems or filter within queries and reports.
  • Configure an automatic response to occur when certain rules are met.

For more complex or larger managed networks

  • Create custom server or client tasks.
  • Create manual policy management, product software, and update configurations.
  • Add Agent Handlers and remote repositories.
  • Create custom SSL certificates.
  • Monitor bandwidth usage and how it affects McAfee ePO performance.
  • Run maintenance tasks to optimize and protect your McAfee ePO server data.
  • Run automatic queries and reports.