Deploy agents to your systems to be managed

McAfee Agent is an executable file that you can run manually per client or that can be deployed on a larger scale to hundreds or thousands of nodes.

The McAfee Agent can be deployed to your client systems using any of these methods:

  • Agent Deployment URL or McAfee Smart installer
  • Logon script
  • Image that includes the McAfee Agent
  • Manual execution
  • McAfee ePO server
  • Third-party tools

For details about these deployment methods, see the product guide for the McAfee Agent.


  1. Create the McAfee Agent installer using one of these methods:
    • Creating a McAfee Agent URL installer
    • Creating a McAfee Agent package or .zip file
  2. Install the URL installer or package file.
    • McAfee Agent URL installer — Email the URL to your system users. When they open the URL, they are prompted to download or run the McAfee Agent installer.
    • McAfee Agent package file — Use one of these methods to install the package file:
      • Manual installation on Windows
      • Log on scripts on Windows
      • Command-line options
    Once the agents are installed, it takes one agent-server communication interval before the managed systems appear in the System Tree as Managed.
  3. Select MenuSystem System Tree to confirm that the managed systems have successfully installed the McAfee Agent and reported back to the McAfee ePO server.