Log on to McAfee ESM console

When you have installed and set up ESM and devices, you can log on the console to begin configuring the system and device settings.

Before you begin

Verify whether you are required to operate the system in FIPS mode (see Step 5).


  1. Open a web browser on your client computer and go to the IP address you set when you configured the network interface.
  2. Click Login, select the language for the console, then type the default user name and password.
    • Default user name: NGCP
    • Default password: security.4u
  3. Click Login, read the End User License Agreement, then click Accept.
  4. When prompted, change your user name and password, then click OK.
  5. Select whether to enable FIPS mode.
    Important: If you must work in FIPS mode, enable it the first time you log on so all future communication with McAfee devices is in FIPS mode. Do not enable FIPS mode if you are not required to. For more information on FIPS, see Appendix A.
  6. Follow the instructions that appear to obtain your user name and password, which are necessary for access to rule updates.
  7. Perform initial ESM configuration:
    1. Select the language to be used for system logs.
    2. Select the time zone this ESM is in and the date format to be used with this account, then click Next.
    3. Define the settings on the five Initial ESM Configuration wizard pages, clicking the Help icon on each page for instructions.
  8. Click OK.


You are ready to key and configure the devices. See the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager Product Guide.