Create a new watchlist of rules

A watchlist is a grouping of specific types of information that can be used as filters or as an alarm condition so you are notified when they occur in an event. These watchlists can be global or specific to an ESM user or group.


  1. In the Rule Types pane of the Policy Editor, select the type of rule, then select the rules that you want to have on this watchlist.
  2. Click Operations, then select the Create new watchlist option.
    The Add Watchlist page lists the rules you selected.
  3. Type a name, then make sure the Static radio button is selected.
    Note: See Add a new watchlist to add a dynamic watchlist.
  4. Select the type of data this watchlist is watching for, then select the assignee.
    Note: A user with administrator privileges can assign a watchlist to anyone or any group on the system. If you do not have administrator privileges, you can only assign watchlists to yourself and groups you are a member of.
  5. To add more values to the watchlist, you can do so in the following ways:
    • To import a file of values in new-line-separated values format, click Import, then select the file.
    • To add individual values, type one value per line in the Values box.
      Note: Maximum number of values is 1000.
  6. To receive an alarm when an event is generated that contains any of the values on this watchlist, click Create Alarm.
  7. Click OK.