Migrating ELM database

The ELM management database stores the records that keep track of the logs sent to the ELM. The amount of disk space that is available on your ELM device to store the management database depends on the model.

When you first add the device, the system verifies if it has enough disk space to store the records. If it doesn't, you are prompted to define an alternate location for management database storage. If the device does have enough disk space but you prefer to save the database in an alternative location, you can use Migrate DB on the ELM Properties page to set up that location.

Migrate DB can be used at any time. However, if you migrate the management database once it contains records, the ELM session is on hold for several hours until the migration is complete, based on the number of records it contains. We recommend that you define this alternative location when you first set up the ELM device.