Manage out-of-sync data sources

Set up an alarm to alert you when out-of-sync data sources generate events so that you can view a list of data sources, edit their settings, and export the list.

Before you begin

Verify that you have administrator rights or belong to an access group with alarm management privileges.

This diagnostic tool identifies when a data source is collecting past or future events, which can cause a red flag to appear on the Receiver.


  1. On the system navigation tree, select the system, then click the Properties icon .
  2. Set up an alarm to notify you when an event comes into the Receiver, generated by a data source that is out of sync with the ESM.
    1. Click AlarmsAdd, type the information requested on the Summary tab, then click the Condition tab.
    2. Select Event Delta in the Type field, select how often the ESM should check for out-of-sync data sources, and select the time difference that must exist for the alarm to trigger.
    3. Complete the information in the remaining tabs.
  3. View, edit, or export the data sources that are out of sync.
    1. On the system navigation tree, click the Receiver, then click the Properties icon.
    2. Click Receiver Management, then click Time Delta.