Reset HA devices

If you need to reset HA Receivers to the state they were in before being set up as HA devices, you can do so on the ESM console or, if communication with the Receivers fails, on the LCD menu.


Do one of the following:

To... Do this...
Reset a Receiver on the ESM console
  1. On the system navigation tree, clickReceiver Properties, then click Receiver ConfigurationInterface.
  2. Deselect Setup High Availability, then click OK.
  3. Click Yes on the warning page, then click Close.

Both Receivers restart after a timeout of about five minutes, returning the MAC addresses to their original values.

Reset the primary or secondary Receiver on the LCD menu
  1. On the Receiver's LCD menu, press X.
  2. Press the down arrow until you see Disable HA.
  3. Press the right arrow once to display Disable Primary on the LCD screen.
  4. To reset the primary Receiver, press the checkmark.
  5. To reset the secondary Receiver, press the down arrow once, then press the checkmark.