VM ESXi requirements

The VM must meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Processor — 8 cores or higher, depending on model, 64-bit, Dual Core2/Nehalem or higher or AMD Dual Athlon64/Dual Opteron64 or later
  • RAM — 4 GB minimum (depends on the model)
  • Disk — 250 minimum (depends on the model)
  • ESXI — 5.0 or later
You can select the hard disk requirement needs for your server. But, the VM requirement depends on the model of the device (at least 250 GB). If you don't have a minimum of 250 GB available, you receive an error when deploying the VM.

The VM uses many features that require CPU and RAM. If the ESXi environment shares the CPU or RAM requirements with other VMs, the performance of the VM is impacted.

McAfee recommends setting the provisioning option to Thick.