Stripe the storage drive

If the model is more than 250 GB and needs the 256 MB to 2 MB setting, stripe the virtual machine's storage drive. The VM uses many features that require CPU and RAM. If the ESXi environment shares the CPU/RAM requirements with other VMs, the performance of the VM is impacted. Plan CPU and RAM needs within the requirements.


  1. Select the ESX server, click the Configuration tab, then click Storage in the Hardware section.
  2. Click Add Storage, then select Disk/LUN.
  3. Select an available disk, then select the correct option for your available disk space. Use 'Free space' for an existing drive or Use all available partitions for an available drive.
    CAUTION: The requirement for the VM is 500 GB. If you do not have 500 GB available, you receive an error when deploying the VM. McAfee recommends setting the provisioning to Thick.
  4. Give the storage drive a name, then select 512 GB, Block size: 2 MB on the Maximum file size drop-down list to make sure that the 500-GB drive space is available.