This guide describes how to install and set up these devices:

  • McAfee® Nitro Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager (McAfee ESM)
  • McAfee Event Receiver
  • McAfee ESM/Event Receiver (ESMREC)
  • McAfee Database Event Monitor (DEM)
  • McAfee Application Data Monitor (ADM)
  • McAfee Enterprise Log Manager (ELM)
  • McAfee Advanced Correlation Editor (ACE)
  • McAfee Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • McAfee Receiver/ELM (ELMERC)
  • McAfee ESM/Receiver/ELM (ESMELM)

It is divided into two main sections:

  • Installing a McAfee ESM device, which provides you with the steps to follow to inspect, mount, connect, and start the device.
  • Setting up a McAfee ESM device, which describes how to configure the network interface for each device type, configure for IPv6, log on to the McAfee ESM console, and key the device.