When your system is ready, upgrade your ESM, ESMREC, or ENMELM to 9.6.0.

Before you begin

  • Go through the steps described in the Instructions for upgrading section.
  • Verify that all devices attached to the ESM are supported in 9.6.0.


  1. On the ESM console, select the ESM device, then click the Properties icon.
  2. Select ESM Management, then click Update ESM.
  3. On the Select Software Update File page, browse to one of these files.

    Device type File
    Standalone Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) ESS_Update_9.6.0.signed.tgz
    Enterprise Security Manager with a built-in Receiver (ESMREC) ESSREC_Update_9.6.0.signed.tgz
    Enterprise Security Manager with a built-in Receiver and Enterprise Log Manager (ENMELM), also known as a Combination Box ESSREC_Update_9.6.0.signed.tgz

  4. Select the file, then click Upload.
    You are informed that the ESM restarts and there is a loss of connection for all users.
  5. Click Yes to continue, and when prompted to close the browser, click OK.
    The upgrade begins, and can take several hours.
  6. When the upgrade is complete, log back on to the console through a new browser session.