Configure the virtual machine

Once you have installed the VM, configure the network interface.


  1. Click Esc, then scroll down to MGT IP Conf on the LCD and click Enter twice.
  2. Set the IP address using the arrows to change the value of the current digit and to switch between digits, then press Enter.
  3. Scroll to Netmask and set it using the arrows.
  4. Scroll to Done and press Enter. Then scroll to Gateway and pressEnter.
  5. Set the gateway address using the arrows, then scroll down to Done and pressEnter.
  6. Scroll down to DNS1, press Enter, then select the DNS server address using the arrows.
  7. Scroll down to Done and press Enter.
  8. To change the communication port when the system is in FIPS mode (see About FIPS Mode), press the down arrow twice, then press Enter.

    Do not change the TCP communication port.

  9. Change the port number, then press Enter.

    Make note of the new port number. Enter it when keying the device.

  10. Scroll to Save Changes and press Enter.