Install the qLogic 2460 or 2562 SAN adapters

The qLogic QLE2460 is a single, Fibre Channel PCIe x4 adapter, rated at 4 GB. The QLE2562 is a single, Fiber Channel PCIe x8 adapter, rated at 8 GB. They can connect directly to the SAN device or through a SAN switch.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that the SAN device or SAN switch you are attaching to auto-negotiates.
  • Make sure that the SAN administrator allocates and creates space on the SAN and assigns it to the channel where the qLogic adaptor is attached. Use the World Wide Port Name (WWPN) for the adaptor. The WWPN is on the adapter's card, anti-static bag, and box.


  1. Turn off the device where you are installing the SAN adapter.
  2. Insert the adapter, then place the device back on the rack and connect the cables.
    Note: For a 3U device, insert the adapter in the slot closest to the protective memory cover.
    The adapter BIOS boot message informs you that the adapter is installed and functioning. If you do not see this message or if the card does not have red, yellow, or green lights, the card is not recognized. If so, make sure that the card is seated correctly or insert it into a different PCI slot.
  3. Start the device.
    The operating environment detects it and loads the QLAXXX driver. The Mounting Storage Facilities message displays OK and continues starting.
  4. Using the ESM console, key the device.


When the device is keyed, the Properties page includes the SAN Volumes option.