Identifying a location for installation

You must analyze your existing network and identify a network and physical location for your device. Proper location selection impacts the effective use of your devices.

When selecting a location for your devices:

  • Install your ESM device in a network location where it can manage devices and be accessible by any systems accessing the ESM. If direct communication between devices managed by the ESM or systems running ESM is not possible, configure your network to route network traffic between them.
  • Place the Nitro IPS device between the trusted and untrusted sides of your network. Trusted is the side you want to protect and untrusted is the side you intend to leave unprotected. For example, you could locate your Nitro IPS between your firewall (untrusted side) and your switch (trusted side). Because network configurations vary greatly, the location you select depends on your individual security requirements and network environment.
    Note: This equipment is intended for installation in a restricted-access location.
  • Your Receiver and DEM devices must be accessible to the devices they are monitoring. If direct communication isn't possible, you must configure your network to allow proper routing of network traffic between them.