View McAfee Event Receiver throughput statistics

View McAfee Event Receiver usage statistics, which includes the incoming and outgoing (parsed) data source rates for the last 10 minutes, the last hour, and the last 24 hours.

Before you begin

Verify that you have the Device Management privilege.


  1. On the system navigation tree, select the receiver, then click the Properties icon .
  2. Click the Receiver Management View Statistics Throughput tab.
  3. View the statistics.

    If incoming rates exceed the output rate by 15 percent, the system flags that row as either critical (in the last 24 hours) or as a warning (in the last hour).

  4. Filter the data source by selecting the All, Critical, or Warning options.
  5. Select the unit of measure to display the metrics: by number of kilobytes (KBs) or number of records.
  6. To refresh the data automatically every 10 seconds, select the Auto Refresh checkbox.
  7. Sort data by clicking the relevant column title.
    Note: The Records Behind column indicates the number of events collected but not yet parsed.