Installation information

Upgrading to this release requires preparation and an understanding of how the upgrade process works.

Before beginning the upgrade:

Caution: Systems running some kernel versions may stall during the upgrade process, requiring manual intervention. See McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 11.1.x Known Issues (KB90422).

  • Review the upgrade information in the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 11.1.x Installation Guide.
  • Verify that your current McAfee ESM version is 10.2.0 (or later).
  • If you are upgrading from version 10.x, you make sure all required ports are open on your network (see the ESM Installation Guide for a list of required ports).

Update the Data Streaming Bus

When updating devices as part of a McAfee ESM upgrade, update the Data Streaming Bus first.

  1. From the navigation menu , select Data Streaming Bus.
  2. Right click the node you want to update and select Settings.
  3. Click Update Software File.
  4. Select an update from the table or browse to the update file.
  5. Click Update.

After completing the upgrade

Before logging on for the first time, clear your browser cache. Not doing so might cause issues when you log on.