Enable data routing

Data routing allows you to use a McAfee Event Receiver to send raw (unparsed) data to the Data Streaming Bus in deployments where the McAfee Event Receiver does not have a McAfee Enterprise Log Search device connected to it.  McAfee Event Receivers with connected ELS devices produce raw logs on the Data Streaming Bus, which you configure in Message Forwarding rules. Third-party applications can then access the public data, using authentication certificates and public topic names.


  1. From the McAfee ESM dashboard, click and select Configuration.
  2. On the system navigation tree, select the Receiver, then click the Properties icon .
  3. Select Data Routing.
  4. Check the Enable Data Routing option and click OK.
  5. On the McAfee Event Receiver Properties page, select Data Sources.
  6. Choose Data Routing for the data sources you want to send public, raw data to the Data Streaming Bus.
  7. Configure Message Forwarding rules to include the above data sources.