Update a single device

If the software on your device is out of date, upload a new version of the software from a file on the ESM or your local computer.

Before you begin

If you have had your system for more than 30 days, you must obtain and install your permanent credentials to access the updates.

If your system requires offline updates, download the update file from the McAfee download site.

Important: If you must comply with Common Criteria and FIPS regulations, do not upgrade the ESM in this way. Call Technical Support to obtain a FIPS certified update.


  1. On the system navigation tree, select a device, then click the Properties icon .
  2. Click <device> Management, then select the Maintenance tab.
  3. Select an update from the table or click Browse to locate the update software on your local system.
  4. Click OK.
    If you are updating a device using the device management Update Device option, this starts the update process. If you are updating multiple devices using the Multi-Device Management option, this returns you to the Multi-Device Management page.


The device restarts with the updated software version.