Resolved Issues 10.2.0

The current release of the product resolves these issues. For a list of issues fixed in earlier releases, see the Release Notes for the specific release.

Table 1: ACE
Reference Issue description
1214640 Resolved an issue that caused duplicate zone entries in Correlation Manager.
Table 2: Database
Reference Issue description
1214120 Redundant ESM database sync now returns when the socket connection fails.
1206135, 1216973, 1189512 The Receiver HA hi_bit defined in ha.conf now agrees with the database.
1209278 PESM cpservice and RESM firewall no longer restart repeatedly during the initial sync.
Table 3: DBM
Reference Issue description
1210662 Fixed an issue that caused database server writes to fail. (NotOk: Mandatory directive name: SERVICE_PORT not found in rule)
Table 4: ELM
Reference Issue description
1214621 You can now update when the remote storage is "local-2".
1208999, 1209773 The ELM Reload Search option no longer fails.
1205987, 1205989 ELM Search now returns logs when you use a date format different from the default format.
1205872, 1212384, 1209730, 1207642, 1207950 Added a check to ensure adequate disk space before enabling ELM mirroring.
1201832 You can now restore a backup from one ELM to another ELM.
1207331 ELM no longer shows valid allocations as invalid.
1207158, 1217133, 1205379 Storage device mounting is now reported correctly.
1206342, 1209245 ELM now gets events and displays the "Auto get events" UI option under ELM properties>Logs.
1208517, 1207149 Enhanced ELM Search now shows packet correctly.
Table 5: ELM: Redundant ELM (RELM)
Reference Issue description
1214440 ESM now communicates with a Redundant ELM after a fail over.
1199592, 1212013, 1216597 Redundant ELM healthmon now checks the mount status of its own remote shares.
1193108 Temp Files cleanup now happens on Secondary ELM after Rsync.
Table 6: ESM
Reference Issue description
1217971, 1208820 Corrected an issue that created alarms with no associated events.
1214962 A user login event is now generated when the root user logs in using the command line.
1215687 Fixed an issue that generated a GenQuery Error Invalid filter item error every 30 seconds.
1204809 ESM Correlated alerts now show associated events.
1207727 "Session ID" field names now match.
1213437 ESM data download no longer fails after waiting several minutes.
1198307, 1208808, 1212348, 1218382 The Add Device wizard now shows the final screen.
1208170 In the event forwarding window, agents now save the TLS/SSH option when saved.
1196299 Increased the syslog ports from 32 to 64 for data source collection.
1204250 Corrected a login issue when using the hostname for an IPV6 URL.
1208844 You can now query a Qualys Server.
Table 7: ESM: Alarms
Reference Issue description
1214582 Baseline Alarms no longer fail with Invalid Filter Item.
Table 8: ESM: Backup/Restore
Reference Issue description
1215139 ESM backup to remote NFS share no longer fails when using oversized storage.
Table 9: ESM: Cyber Threats & IOC
Reference Issue description
1210447 Corrected an issue that caused false positives with threat feeds.
1213685 Added support for multiple AIS DHS STIX files ingestion.
Table 10: ESM: Redundant ESM (RESM)
Reference Issue description
1215832 The firewall no longer restarts every 5 minutes on a redundant ESM.
Table 11: ESM: Reports
Reference Issue description
1211778 Reports are now written to remote storage if the folder name has a space.
Table 12: ESM: Views
Reference Issue description
1205649 Corrected a discrepancy between the console and dashboard Incident Dashboard views.
1210062 Using Wildcard to select devices in a new display now works.
Table 13: Receiver
Reference Issue description
1211425, 1213755, 1213152 Office 365 collector no longer crashes when no credentials are set for the Proxy.
1171319, 1199680 IPMI now functions with ERC 1260 receivers.
1202218 Auto Learn now starts up automatically after a Rules Update.
1201075 ePo DXL no longer fails when using Active Directory credentials.
1207144 Corrected an overlapping HA bookmark issue that caused duplicate events.
1207333 Send2ELM no longer causes ELM to stay broken when receivers are backed up.
1213765 The dxlwrapper no longer ignores custom ports when configuring McAfee Agent on receiver.
Table 14: User Interface
Reference Issue description
1216205 The Test Connection button for data sources using MSSQL no longer throws a meaningless error.
1214349 Custom Types on Field Assignment tab of Policy Editor are now displayed correctly.
1212290 Case management binding now works as expected.
1211353 Corrected an issue that caused constant CPU use in Chrome when the ESM dashboard is open.