Use SFTP to retrieve ELM logs

Configure the Enterprise Log Manager (ELM) to allow SFTP access to retrieve ELM logs.

Before you begin

You must have ELM SFTP Access rights.


  1. Open an SFTP client such as WinSCP 5.11, Filezilla, CoreFTP LE, or FireFTP.
  2. Connect to the ELM using its IP address and the configured SFTP port.
    Note: The date indicates when the system inserted the log to the ELM.
    The files are presented in two ways: 1) by data source and then data and 2) by date and then data source.
  3. Select the logs and transfer them. Specific steps to accomplish this vary based on the SFTP client you are using.
    Important: Maximum number of files for SFTP transfers is 20,000.