Key features

McAfee ESM delivers performance, actionable intelligence, and solution integration at the speed and scale required for security organizations. You can quickly prioritize, investigate, and respond to hidden threats and meet compliance requirements.

McAfee ESM key features include:

  • Analyst-centric dashboards, reports, views, rules, and alerts
  • Content Packs with prepackaged configurations (such as rule sets, alarms, triggers, automatic remediation, views, reports, variables, and watch lists) for common security use cases
  • Predefined dashboards, audit trails, and reports for global regulations and control frameworks
  • Customizable compliance reports, rules, and dashboards
  • Ability to enrich events with contextual information (such as privacy solutions; threat data and reputation feeds; and identity and access management systems)
  • Near real-time or historical aggregation and correlation of suspicious or confirmed threat information against event data
  • Ability to collect data from third-party security vendor devices and threat intelligence feeds
  • Rapid access to long-term storage of event data
  • Scalable data architecture that collects and correlates log events from multiple years
  • On-demand queries, forensics, rules validation, and compliance