Connector and equipment types

You can connect your ESM devices to the network using standard Ethernet copper cables.

Connect your ESM, Receiver, ADM, and DEM devices to the network using copper connectors. The CAT5 copper cables have RJ-45 connectors. Use CAT5 or higher for your copper connections. For gigabit connections, use CAT5e.

Note: The ADM and DEM require a network Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) or Test Access Point (TAP) connection to listen to the network traffic. This means that the connected switch must mirror the traffic from other switch ports usually on the connected switch.

You can connect Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment (DCE) and Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) to your ESM devices.

  • Firewall and routers are DTE and switches are DCE.
  • ESM devices are DTE.